You have already been to the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. Even the New Year’s concert, the one from the Musikverein by Vienna has no secrets for you. In the summer then, you are passionate about all the open-air arenas from Verona, to Tower of the lake, at the Sferisterio of Macerata. In short, you already have music – opera, classical, jazz or folk felt all. Wrong. At Passo del Tonale, in the heart of the Presena glacier, there is a season music that will surprise you. Because it’s creepy.

In the literal sense. Forget open-air concerts and the summer breeze and instead wear a hat and moon boot, a scarf and gloves. The theater is made of ice, the instruments are pure and the Paradice Music bill goes as far as March, with musicians – those yes, in the flesh – who will play until their disbandment instruments. This is the idea that fascinates those who choose the Adamello ski area with Ponte di Legno Tonale and Val di Sole for skiing.

The concerts take place from 5 January to 25 March 2023 every Thursday and Saturday afternoon in the Paradice Arena, a large igloo-theatre at 2,600 meters above sea level. on the Presena Glacier. This is where the three domes of the Ice Dome took shape, the large 200-seat theater that hosts Paradice Music Passo Tonale Festival. The public arrives with the Paradiso cable car and then in a few minutes on foot. Or on skis, going down from the three thousand meters of the glacier.

Spectators (suitably dressed in thermal clothing from mountain) can experience the magic of many spectacular concerts between reflections of light and sound vibrations. The temperatures of the theater preserve the peculiarity of this event, i.e. the instruments music made of ice and created by artists Lino Mosconi, Giorgio Tomaselli and Matteo Aielli.

It’s not alone a fairytale or romantic matter; the instruments have their own particular sonority. The musicians offer songs ranging from classical to pop to rock; the ParadICE Band has in fact a vast repertoire ranging from the 60s to Italian music performing every Thursday with the amazing tools of ice. And for the after concert? You can stop at high altitude perhaps for a dinner at the Passo Paradiso restaurant a 2585 meters above sea level in the room overlooking the glacier. The appointment is every Saturday after the concert at 6 pm to taste the specialties of the gastronomic traditions of Trentino and Lombardy.

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